Currently I'm building Mately - a web app designed to help solo freelancers and solopreneurs stay on top of their time and energy resources. As a solopreneur myself, I struggled with this very challenge. I was pretty good at making plans, but they too often simply exceeded my time resources because I somehow lost track of what was realistic to accomplish. As a result, I made false commitments without realizing it, had to work overtime to meet promised deadlines, and increasingly lost energy because of the resulting frustration.
Typical ToDo apps have not served me well. I've used several tools to create beautiful lists or even gantt charts.... but none of them really helped me gain clarity on my available time and energy resources. When it came to something like resource planning, it was clearly meant for a project manager in the context of a larger team - not for ME as a solopreneur. I don't need a full blown project management tool designed to manage a large team and I'm not willing to pay a lot of money for such a tool.
I know it's hard to estimate projects and tasks. But based on what I want and have to do, I need a rough idea of what I can realistically get done in the next months, which then helps me plan my upcoming weeks and days with confidence. I need to see immediately when my weeks are already full and when I need to say no - to myself or to others - to one more task or one more meeting. And as life happens and things change, I want my plans to be automatically adjusted!
Is that even possible? Mately - your friendly little personal assistant - is here for you!
Last modified 1yr ago